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Our Father – But What About Our Mother

When Jesus talked about God, he spoke with intimacy and familiarity, calling God his Father. This riled the Jewish leaders of his day, and in some ways, it continues to create discomfort, with questions being asked about why we’re attributing gender to God at all.

Matthew 6:25-26, 31-33; 7:7-11; John 5:17-18

The Holy One of Israel

The unfolding narrative of God’s redemptive work among the Hebrew people introduces us to the many names that were attributed to God over the years. Might these ancient labels have something to say to us as we long for God to act in our own day?

Isaiah 45:18-25

I Am Who I Am

In ancient Middle Eastern culture, to access the power of a god, you had to know their name. When Moses asks God for his name, Moses is asking for a way to access God’s power. But what power does God reveal to Moses when he uses the name, “I Am that I Am”? We will learn about this name together and reflect on the power of I Am.

Exodus 3:1-15

The All-Caps LORD God

What better place to start off a new year than at the very beginning. The opening scene of the Bible introduces us to its main character – God. But what do we know about this God character anyway? And might the things we learn about God help us get to know ourselves better?

Genesis 1:1-2:3