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Global Responsibility

With the rush of daily life, it can be challenging to remember that out beyond the comfort of our own community is a world filled with people just like us, many of them struggling to get by. Nikki and TK will be sharing with us about the seeds of hope that they are sowing in one region of Africa, providing a glimpse into how God is at work abroad and inviting us to see ourselves as God’s partners in loving our global neighbours well.

Psalm 121, John 17:18

Equality and Economics

The Bible speaks frequently to both equality and economics, but it sure can seem like they are two very different things – detached from our life of faith. This week we will explore how economic practices are a sacred witness of God’s will for our communities and churches and ultimately the world. If we would just be willing to talk about it, and not get so defensive….

Deuteronomy 15:1-11

1 John 3:16-24


Confronting the Isms

Racism, sexism, ageism…and the list goes on. There are so many ways we can pass judgment on others to maintain a measure of control. But in a world of increasing polarization, the gospel challenges our propensity to classify ‘the other’ and invites us instead to an acknowledgment of our shared humanity and our common need for God.

Matthew 15:21-38

Truth and Reconciliation

Jesus has challenged us with the ministry of reconciliation. Truth and reconciliation is a heavy subject, yet what we hope to do is to challenge ourselves to move beyond our “scope” of Western cultural Christianity and see how the gospel message of Jesus is represented in different cultures, namely our First Nations culture, and how we can be involved in redeeming that. Our ministry of reconciling Jesus to the nations involves seeing how Christ is represented in different cultural values.

2 Corinthians 5:16-20