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By All Possible Means


Christian faith is meant to be lived out in the full stream of the culture that surrounds it.  As we wrap up our series on listening, we’ll consider the importance of listening to voices from outside of our church community, and the blessing that follows when we do so.

I Corinthians 9:19-23


It Seemed Good

It Seemed Good

Almost as soon as the first century church got off the ground, there was disagreement.  Are you surprised?  So how did these early followers of Jesus discern God’s will for them when there were opposing ideas on the table, and how might we learn from their experience?

Acts 15:1-12; 22-35

Speak Lord

Speak, Lord

The first few times God spoke to the boy Samuel, Samuel didn’t know who was speaking.  In his confusion, he assumed it was his mentor Eli and kept missing the voice of God.  This week, we will explore the story of God calling Samuel and Eli’s timeless wisdom to Samuel to go back to bed and answer the voice in the night with:  “Speak, Lord.  Your servant is listening.”



Quick to Listen


Many of us have lost the art of listening.  We might get a passing grade when it comes to our hearing, but listening is another thing altogether.  Let’s explore the world that opens up to us when we position ourselves to listen to God, to one another, to God alongside one another, and to our neighbours.

James 1:19-22