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Flocks By Night



It’s a classic scene that has inspired everything from classic Christmas carols to cheesy greeting cards.  Perhaps you are one of the scores of people who have responded to this scene by proudly walking across a church stage in your bathrobe!  But why angels and why shepherds?  And why keep talking about this all these years later?

Luke 2:8-15


Salvation From Our Enemies


The Christmas Story actually features two birth narratives, and it’s the story of the lesser known parents, Zechariah and Elizabeth, that we will focus on this week.  The child promised to them was to bring salvation and hope, and he grew up to be a trailblazer if there ever was one.  But what does his story have to do with Christmas?  And what does it have to do with us?

Luke 1:57-80

Waiting and Watching

Many of us have heard the Christmas story
our whole lives. To some of us, it may be a
new story. But whether we have grown up
alongside it or are just getting to know it,
let’s try in these next couple of weeks to
look at the story of Christmas in a different
way. This week we will look at the
Christmas story from the perspective of
Mary, and hear how Mary’s unexpected
news led to her waiting and watching for
God to work both in her own heart and in
the world.

Luke 1:26-39; 46-55