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Historial Perspective

Historial Perspective

At times we focus so much on the future that we can forget about the past altogether. Sometimes forgetting the past is a healthy thing to do, but most often we do ourselves a favour by learning from it and giving a voice in the present to those who have gone before us.

Jeremiah 6:16-19; Matthew 5:17-20

Character Formation Over the Long Run


Who we are today is a combination of so many factors, including our genetics, the home we were raised in, and the decisions we (and others) have made along the way. But what about who we are tomorrow? How do we become that person?

Proverbs 3:1-18; Matthew 7:24-27

The Tyranny of the Urgent


The Tyranny of the Urgent

On the other side of Labour Day, our schedules tend to shift and change, making it a fitting time to talk about time. Whether we’re dealing with timetables or deadlines, early alarms or naptimes, the clock is always looming, and it can be difficult to keep up the pace.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; Matthew 11:28-30

Samson the Vulnerable


Over the summer months, we are looking at a number of characters featured in Old Testament stories, from Genesis through Judges. We’ll pay attention to how their interactions with God and the people around them both revealed and shaped their character, and how our own character is revealed and takes shape over time.

Samson The Vulnerable

As our summer series winds to a close, we’ll explore a life that was going oh-so-well until everything fell apart. The mighty Samson provides us with a reminder of the vulnerability that we all share and offers hope on the other side of even the most drastic failure.

Judges 13:1-5, 24-25a; 2 Timothy 4:6-8