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Cultural Stories – The One About Ourselves

The One About Ourselves

As we wrap up our series exploring Cultural Stories, we’ll turn the focus to our identity: Who am I? How are we taught to think about ourselves, and how similar (or different) is the story that God tells us about who we are? So much of how we live in the world flows out of having a proper understanding in this key area of life.

Readings: Jeremiah 1:4-10; Luke 4:1-13

Cultural Stories – The One About Death

The One About Death

There aren’t many themes more harrowing than this one, but the inevitability of the experience makes it a topic we can’t afford to ignore just because it’s uncomfortable. When it comes to the end of life – whether our own or that of someone we love – how does the story that God tells help us navigate our way?

Readings: Isaiah 61:1-3; John 11:17-27


Cultural Stories – The One About The Planet

The Story about the Planet

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth . . . and God saw that it was good.”  “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth”.  From the first page of the Bible to the last, the story of the planet (and entire Universe) is inextricably tied to the story of God’s Creative and Redemptive activity.  We can’t separate the story of People from the story of the Planet.  That has a lot of ramifications for the way we think and act, and we’ll discuss some of those on Sunday.

Scripture reading- Psalm 104:1-31

Cultural Stories – The One About Stuff

The One About Stuff

There’s a modern proverb that claims, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” Even if you don’t approach life as a materialistic game, chances are you’re still enamoured by the wide array of ‘toys’ out there on the market. What does this say about us as a culture, and are there really any other options out there?
Readings: Isaiah 55:1-3; Matthew 6:19-21

Cultural Stories – The One About Sex

The One About Sex [PG-13]

Whether you’re listening to the radio, watching Netflix, or doing just about anything online, you’re bound to walk right into the captivating story our culture tells about sex. But does sex simply mean whatever someone wants it to mean, or is there a deeper, more foundational purpose out there for us to discover?

Reading: Malachi 2:10, 13-15a; Matthew 19:1-6