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I Am The Vine

As we wrap up our four-month journey through the life of Jesus depicted in the stained-glass around us, we’ll skip back a few panes to an intimate scene where Jesus gathered with his closest friends. He laid out for them both his lofty expectations for their lives and the key to their success – both of which are equally applicable for us today.

Readings: JOHN 15:1-8

[audio|titles=I Am The Vine|artists=Brandon Malo]

Feed My Sheep

Jesus’ post-Resurrection conversation with Peter may be the final event depicted in our stained-glass windows, but it was far from the end of the story. As Jesus prepared to return to his Father, he left his followers with the significant responsibility of picking up where he left off.

Readings:  John 21:15-22

[audio|titles=Feed My Sheep|artists=Brandon Malo]

Far From (Simple) Faith

Several of Jesus’ disciples have become well-known for one character trait or another.  Thomas, the Twin, has become so infamous for his skepticism that the descriptor ‘Doubting Thomas’ is frequently assigned to skeptics even 2000 years later.  However, Thomas was more than a skeptic, and is actually a great example of what it means to maintain faith while asking hard questions.  It is possible that Thomas might actually be the disciple who is most helpful to you during this season of your faith journey.

Reading:  John 20:24-31

[audio|titles=Far From (Simple) Faith|artists=Steve Tulloch]