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The Sisters and the Stoners

Scripture:  John 11: 1-7, 17-37

[audio|titles=The Sisters and the Stoners|artists=Brandon Richardson]

Hosanna Blessed is He

It’s one of the more exciting (and more awkward) Sundays of the year: Exciting as we reimagine the celebration of the crowds as Jesus entered Jerusalem during the final week of his life; awkward as we wave our branches knowing full well what he was about to go through.

Scripture:  John 12:12-19, John 14:1-14

I Am the Good Shepherd

Admittedly, not many of us have much experience when it comes to shepherds or sheep. But Jesus used this common first century vocation to describe the lengths to which he would go to protect those in his care. And by the way, the sheep he was talking about are you and I…

Readings: John 10:11-21

[audio|titles=I Am The Good Shepherd|artists=Brandon Malo]

I Am the Light of The World

When Jesus encountered a man who was born blind, he proclaimed himself as one who would dispel darkness and bring light. This morning, we will hear from some of our local and global ministry partners who are bringing light into their own parts of the world.

Readings: JOHN 9:1-12

[audio|titles=I Am the Light of the World|artists=Brandon Malo, GMC]