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I Am The Bread

In one of Jesus’ more well-known miracles, five loaves of bread and two small fish end up being enough to feed a crowd of several thousand. But far from using this as an opportunity to expand his following, Jesus ups the ante and ends up with even less disciples than he started with.

Readings: JOHN 6:1-15

[audio|titles=I Am The Bread|artists=Brandon Malo]

Rise, Take Up Thy Bed and Walk

An unnamed man found himself literally lying in the margins of his community until he had an encounter with Jesus. The question Jesus posed to him, Do you want to get well? sounds ridiculous at first, but only until we hear its haunting echo in our own lives.

Readings: JOHN 5:1-15

[audio|titles=Rise, Take Up Thy Bed and Walk|artists=Brandon Malo]



Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Jesus was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but his chance encounter with a Samaritan woman was just what she needed. And it’s just what we need, too, this invitation to become the kind of people who worship God the way we were created to.

Readings: JOHN 4:4-26

[audio|titles=Worship In Spirit And In Truth|artists=Brandon Malo]