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Humble Apologetics

In a world where we are bombarded with information, diverse opinions, and suspicion of christiantiy, we need to think well about what we believe, why we believe it, how we believe it and how we communicate it to others. Thankfully, Scripture offers insight from other folks who lived out their faith as exiles (religious minorities) in pluralistic environments. They’ll inform our conversation this Sunday.
(Steve Tulloch speaking)

The Stone the Builders Rejected

Perhaps more than anything, the challenge of Jesus’ life and sacrificial death is to live in a way that brings honour to God, regardless of what the world around us has to say. The price of doing so may be great, but living by our own devices is no less costly. (Brandon Malo speaking)

Readings: Acts 7:55-60; Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16; 1 Peter 2:2-10; John 14:1-14

The Lord Is My Shepherd

The twenty-third Psalm is one of the most beloved of David’s poetic songs, and for good reason. The image of God leading us like a caring Shepherd certainly brings comfort, but a closer look at this passage also reminds us of the often-challenging route that He leads us along. (Brandon Malo speaking)

Readings: Acts 2:42-47; Psalm 23; 1 Peter 2:19-25; John 10:1-10


As Sherlock Holmes allegedly declared, ‘Watson, you see but you don’t observe’! I suspect each of us has had an ‘aha’ moment when we suddenly ‘observe’ something in a way we’ve not previously perceived it. Those moments almost always change us in some way. Many of the most formative moments of our spiritual journey happen when we suddenly observe something about Jesus, or God’s activity in the world in a new way that elicits a significant change in our attitude or behaviour. (Steve Tulloch speaking).

Readings: Acts 2:14a, 36-41; Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19; 1 Peter 1:17-23; Luke 24:13-35