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A New Heaven and A New Earth

As we look for a second week at the book of Revelation, we are presented with a vision of how things will come together when God finally dwells among His people. Some of the ideas we hold are confirmed in this vision, but others may need to be re-considered after taking a closer look. [Brandon Malo speaking]


The Heart of Worship

As wild visions raced through John’s mind during his time in exile, he caught a glimpse of a world beyond our own. Worship is one of the things we read about in Revelation, but which we also try to emulate whenever we gather on Sunday mornings. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Falling Down and Rising Up

It happens to the best of us: one day our faith is neat and tidy, and the next day everything we believe is being challenged; one day we’re strong and sure, and the next day we’re cowardly and confused. What does God do with such fickle followers? [Brandon Malo speaking]

From the Other Side of the Grave

At first, the news that Jesus had been raised from the dead was difficult for some people to accept. But the fear that his followers had encountered at the time of his arrest soon melted away and a new era of bold faith was under way. [Brandon Malo speaking]