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Easter Sunday

He is Risen! As the journey of Lent comes to a close, we discover God revealing the fullness of His love and the ultimate end of our journey of faith. [Brandon Malo speaking]


Palm Sunday

On this last Sunday before Easter, we remember Jesus’ triumphal entrance to the great city of Jerusalem. The crowds were ecstatic, believing that what they were witnessing was the arrival of God’s chosen King. They were right to believe so, but not exactly right. [Brandon Malo speaking]

On the Verge of Something New

As we come to know God more, we will be called to follow Him in new ways. Some of these ways will be life giving and inspiring, but some of them will lead down a darker path we would rather not follow. But we are called to press on. [Brandon Malo speaking – with Julia Emery]


[Steve Tulloch speaking]

I Love To Eat

I love to eat. Some of my best memories and most meaningful moments happen ‘around the table’. There is something about food and drink that is…spiritual. The deep satisfaction of eating and drinking well both connects us to God in one sense, and serves as a metaphor for the deep satisfaction that comes from meaningful relationship to God. This Sunday, let’s gather around The Table! [Steve Tulloch speaking]