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Words That Define Us

This week’s readings feature two stories of sacred books being opened and read aloud. Our challenge is to think about the kinds of words we allow to define us, and how hearing certain words again for the first time can become a life-changing experience. [Brandon Malo speaking]


From Water to Wine

The party was going so well – that is, until they ran out of wine! Embarrassing to be sure, but was it worthy of a miraculous intervention? Jesus was invited to step into a sticky situation and he responded in a way that broke open the celebration – but that was just the beginning. [Brandon Malo speaking]

With You I Am Well Pleased

As Jesus stepped into the Jordan River to be baptized by John, words of affirmation rung through the air. Before any teaching, before any miracles, and before any suffering, a Father spoke words of love and commitment to His Son, which is just the kind of thing God does. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Unexpected Guests

With the holiday season coming to a close, our hosting and visiting has surely slowed down. But what happens when unexpected guests arrive? One final story from the narrative of Jesus’ birth reminds us that sometimes such a surprise may be just what we’ve been waiting for all along. [Brandon Malo speaking]