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It’s Time to Get Dressed

Something most of us look forward to over the Christmas holidays is the chance to stay in our pajamas just a little bit longer than usual. But as 2013 approaches, it’s time for us to get dressed and ready for a new season of faithfulness. [Brandon Malo speaking]

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

With every day that is crossed off of the calendar, our anticipation grows! This week’s readings bring us even closer to Bethlehem and into the world of a young mother-to-be who, as the old carol goes, carried within her ‘the hopes and fears of all the years.’ [Brandon Malo speaking]

The Third Sunday of Advent

An awareness of God’s presence in our midst can make all of the difference. Instead of giving in to our tendencies toward fear and independence, we are offered an invitation to seek God in prayer and trust in His ability to save us. [Steve Tulloch speaking]

The Second Sunday of Advent

Sometimes preparation is required before you can receive something of value. Before you get a license, it’s a good idea to take driver’s training; before you go on a date, it’s a good idea to take a shower. Along similar lines, the act of receiving God is best preceded by some preparation. [Brandon Malo speaking]

The First Sunday of Advent

Promises, promises. Every one of us has been promised something or the other, and in all likelihood, just as many of us have had at least some of those promises broken. As we enter the Season of Advent, let’s reflect on the hope that was first promised to God’s people long ago. [Brandon Malo speaking]