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The End of Times

When Jesus spoke to his disciples about the stones of the temple being thrown down and other unpredictable events to follow, he described them as ‘birth pains’ – the beginning of something new. As we bring to a close nine years of gathering at the Rec Complex on Sunday mornings, let’s take some time to consider what God has been building to this point, and what changes we might expect around the bend. [Brandon Malo speaking]

The Greatest Commandment

Jesus was once asked which commandment was the most important of all. In his response, he tied two commands closely together, reminding us that loving God and loving our neighbour should not be considered separately.

As we discuss the call to love our neighbours well, we will take time to stand together in prayerful support of our friends Javier, Yamile, Gabby, and Paula, as they prepare to leave our community in Waterloo and continue their journey abroad. [Steve Tulloch speaking]

Integrity and Generosity

If there was one thing that irked Jesus more than others, it was a lack of integrity – people who tried to appear one way while living another way altogether. After raining down warnings on those who sought to draw attention to their good deeds, Jesus set an example for us all by showering praise on a poor woman’s humble generosity. [Brandon Malo speaking]