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God Responds to Job’s Trials

Job and his friends argue to no end about where suffering and blessing come from, and while they fiercely disagree, each one is sure he is right. Then suddenly God reappears on the scene and He has a few words of His own to add about our ability to speak with certainty about why things unfold the way they do in this world. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Job is Tested – Part 2

But wait a minute…what if the details of this ancient story of Job were reversed? What if, instead of going from having everything to having nothing, he went from having nothing to having everything? Might that present challenges of its own, and would it be any easier to understand how God fit into the picture? [Brandon Malo speaking]

Job is Tested – Part 1

Everything in Job’s life suddenly and unexpectedly came crashing down – his wealth, his family, and even his own health. It’s an ancient story that continues to find its way into contemporary conversations, challenging us to think about how we understand suffering and how God fits in to it all. [Brandon Malo speaking]