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Let Me Hear Joy

Along the journey to Easter, we are challenged to stop and consider the state of our hearts. Will we try and hide our failures from God or will we be vulnerable and trust Him to bring healing? If we do the latter, as difficult as it may be, we position ourselves to experience great joy. [Brandon Malo speaking]

For God So Loved the World

When God considered the state of His people, He realized that they would never make it on their own. In one of the most beloved verses in Scripture, we are reminded that God’s love resulted in the unfathomable gift of Jesus – a gift that continues to bring life to us all, even today. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Getting in the Way

When Jesus began to speak openly about the trials that lay ahead, Peter stepped in to stop him. Jesus’ harsh response to Peter’s good intentions reminds us that as long as our focus is on what matters to us, we are at risk of being distracted from what matters to God. [Brandon Malo speaking]