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And So It Begins

The journey of Lent isn’t necessarily an easy one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth making. As we set off on the figurative road to Easter, we need to be aware of the kind of things we should expect along the way, with Jesus’ own journey serving as our guidebook. [Brandon Malo speaking]

On the Mountaintop

For the most part, in the brief years Jesus spent with his closest followers, their understanding of who he was and why he had come unfolded slowly. Occasionally, though, an experience with him would challenge their assumptions and draw them deeper into his life-giving mission. [Brandon Malo speaking]

The Help

The life that God calls us to live requires focus and discipline. However, despite our best efforts, we can falter in our own weakness or be flattened by life’s circumstances and be brought to a point of desperation. It is great news to discover that God’s relentless love can find us wherever we are and bring hope and healing. [Steve Tulloch speaking]

The Homophobic Church

Few conversations run tensions higher than those concerning the church and the gay community. For years now, we have heard about angry protests, theological wars, and legal battles, with broken hearts usually being the end result. Our task this morning will be to discover something trustworthy amidst all of the rhetoric, paving the way for helpful conversations to emerge in our community of faith. [Brandon Malo speaking]