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The M-Word

As soon as a dating couple starts talking about marriage in their relationship, things begin to change, and fast! The best approach, then, is to have a good sense of what marriage is all about before you cross the proverbial commitment line…before you ever start using the M-word. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Single Like Jesus

For thirty-some years, Jesus lived a life with singular focus. This is something that can be overlooked, as both church and culture place a heavy emphasis on marriage and family life. But if we pay attention to scripture, what we find is that singleness allows for a way of living that you can’t arrive at any other way. [Brandon Malo Speaking]

Let’s Talk About Sex

Oh my goodness…are we seriously going to talk about sex in church? Well, if we have any hope of living faithfully in a sex-charged culture like our own, we can’t ‘fool around’ with such an important topic. So strap yourself in and get ready for a morning like no other! [Brandon Malo Speaking]

A New Beginning

As the calendar flips over, we are presented with an opportunity to consider what 2012 might bring our way. Even if you plan to avoid doomed-to-fail resolutions, allow the possibility of new beginnings to guide you into the New Year and all that lies ahead. [Brandon Malo Speaking]