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The First Sunday of Advent

The cry of Isaiah was that God would tear open the heavens and come down to be with His people in a powerful way. Now, in a sense, we understand that God is always with us, but that doesn’t mean our cry should be any different. [Brandon Malo Speaking]

The Sheep and The Goats

A life of faith is practical at its core. In a parable filled with confusion and twists and turns (as well as a large number of farm animals), Jesus makes it clear that the way we treat the people around us matters just about as much as anything else in life. [Brandon Malo Speaking]

Don’t Bury Your Talent

This phrase is commonly used to encourage people to use their giftings, but its origins are actually found in a parable of Jesus in which he addresses, among other things, the importance of making the most out of what you are given. [Brandon Malo Speaking]

Late for the Party

In Matthew 25, Jesus begins a series of parables with a story centred on a wedding feast and some of the people who were invited to attend. They were invited, yes, but whether they actually got to attend or not seems to be a matter of whether they were ready on time. [Brandon Malo Speaking]