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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Among Jesus’ opponents, the teachers of the law and Pharisees came under fire more than any other. And of all the faults he pointed out in their lives, it was their hypocrisy and religious pride that set him off the most. [Brandon Malo Speaking]


Questions Worth Answering

The art of asking good questions is crucial if we want to grow in our understanding of God and of the life that He calls us to lead. Of course, there are some questions that distract us from the main issues, and other questions that may lead us astray, but let’s never stop asking. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Philippians 3 – Determined

At one point in Israel’s history, God revealed an epic list of dos and don’ts – The Ten Commandments. These laws were expanded upon and became the focal point of the Hebrew way of life. But Paul reminds us that all of our striving is at risk of being in vain if we end up missing out on what Christ has done for us. [Brandon Malo speaking]