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Philippians 2 – Humble

Drawing on the example of Jesus, Paul paints a picture of what our basic attitude should be with respect to the people around us. Get ready, it’s not exactly what we tend to see modeled in the world around us, but it might just be the key to taking our relationships with others to new heights. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Philippians 1 – Committed

As Paul begins his letter to the saints in Philippi, we sense the gratitude he has for these fellow sojourners, even as he finds himself bound in chains. His commitment to living for Christ is unwavering, and his words serve as a reminder that we ought to be living the same way. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Crossing Over

For many generations, God had been forming a people to call his own, and now, after escaping slavery in Egypt, they were faced with an insurmountable obstacle in the form of the Red Sea. But God was faithful, and He took them somewhere they could never have gone on their own. Could He do the same for us? [Brandon Malo speaking]

Accountability and Forgiveness

It is difficult to imagine how seriously God views our sin and wrongdoing, and to grasp the urgency with which God wants us to address the sin and wrongdoing in our own lives and that of our community. Accordingly, it is even more difficult to also imagine that God is good and well-meaning toward us, even in the face of our failures. Together, let’s try today to develop an understanding of our sin and failure that appreciates the destructiveness of that behaviour and the wonder of God’s healing forgiveness. [Steve Tulloch speaking]