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Hearing Voices

In a culture where there are thousands upon thousands of messages vying for our attention, there is one voice to which we must listen. The question is what will be our response to that voice? And, what will be the ultimate result? [George Werner speaking]

Starting Over

After all that the Israelites had gained from the influence of Joseph in Egypt, how is it that they found themselves enslaved just a few generations later? Enslaved, yes, but not forgotten. For God would continue to work with whatever evil humanity threw at Him, just as He does today. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Worst. Brothers. Ever.

Tolstoy once remarked that every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. As strange as it may seem, the Bible is filled with such examples, and the story of Joseph and his band of jealous brothers is right up there with the most dysfunctional families of all time. [Brandon Malo speaking]