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You’ve Got to Be Kidding

God doesn’t usually ask us to give up our leftovers – He asks for what matters the most to us. The story of Abraham and Isaac is troubling on so many levels, especially if we consider our own faith and the extent to which we would be able to hang on to it in the face of such demands. [Brandon Malo speaking]


Creative Community

On Father’s Day, when we acknowledge the strategic role that Dad’s can play in the lives of their children (and grieve that pain that is too often associated with that relationship), our lectionary readings focus our attention on God’s creative and loving activity. Of particular note, is that this is considered to be ‘Trinity Sunday’ because these Scripture passages articulate the communal nature of God’s activity in human affairs (involving Father, Son, Spirit), and the communal focus of God’s activity (the creation of humans in God’s image). We’ll spend some time considering some of the ramifications of humankind’s relationship to, and role within, God’s Creation and our relationship to the Triune Creator. [Steve Tulloch speaking]


After surprising his followers by appearing to them after his crucifixion, Jesus wraps up his time on earth with some final words and then disappears from sight. The disciples are left with a vague notion of what they should do next, and a promise that the Holy Spirit would empower them. [Brandon Malo speaking]