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Presence and Intervention

Circumstances which are uncomfortable, possibly painful, and outside of our ability to resolve are a common experience of the human condition. To have someone be Present with us during those difficult circumstances, and even intervening on occasion, is an incredible relief. The story of Jesus is, at its heart, a story about God intervening and being Present with people, and calling us to be present with others. [Steve Tulloch speaking]

Life to the Fullest

One of the most beloved Psalms presents an image of the Lord as a Shepherd, being present with us in all of life: providing, protecting, and leading us. The response of the early church to this kind of love was to care for one another in much the same way. What will our response be? [Brandon Malo speaking]

Faith and Other Unmentionables

Some of Jesus’ first followers found the news of his resurrection just as hard to believe as many people do today. We’re talking about people outside of the church, certainly, but also those of us ‘on the inside’ who often seem to believe and doubt at one and the same time. [Brandon Malo speaking]