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Easter Sunday

“I have seen the Lord!” These words, first spilled from the lips of Mary Magdalene, announced to a small group of friends that Jesus was alive and well. One of the most difficult aspects of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday morning is that we know what to expect. We’ve heard these words before, we remember this story, we know how things end. But somehow, every spring, these words find new life as we receive them and say them for ourselves: “I have seen the Lord!” [Brandon Malo speaking]


Palm Sunday

Jesus had just told his closest followers that he would be ‘going up to Jerusalem’ to die, but for a moment, his death march was halted and, in the ultimate twist of irony, was replaced with a triumphant parade. Before he was humiliated, he was exalted. Before he was crucified, he was celebrated. [Brandon Malo speaking]

New Hope

One of the more memorable stories in Scripture has a setting not unlike contemporary zombie movies – piles upon piles of dead bones, suddenly springing to life and standing up like an army of the living dead! But all of the gore aside, God wants to remind us that even the dead shouldn’t let go of hope. [Steve Tulloch speaking]

New Purpose

There are ordinary ways of seeing things – ways that come naturally to us, ways that don’t require much thought. And the way we see things in life will determine how we make our way in the world. But what if we began to see things differently? How would that affect the way we live? [Brandon Malo speaking]