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New Desires

We’re all after something in life. Our goals might change, our intensity might wane, but desire will be our constant companion. So what, exactly, are we after today? Two biblical stories – 1,400 years apart – challenge us to think about the things we want and whether or not they will be enough in the end. [Brandon Malo speaking]

New Beginnings

A significant part of faithful living involves, not only what we do, but what we allow God to do in and through us. In fact, as Jesus explains, one of the preconditions for participating in the kingdom of God is something that not one of us can do on our own – and that’s “be born again.” [Brandon Malo speaking]

A Glimpse Beyond

Sometimes I’m afraid that all of our talking about Jesus and thinking about Jesus – even our imitating of Jesus – falls short of what he wants for us. One day, he took Peter, James, and John ‘up a high mountain,’ and they had the kind of experience that changes everything. [Brandon Malo speaking]