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World Upside Down

Everyone lived by a particular set of values that guide our daily choices. Of course, these values are influenced by our family upbringing, our circle of friends, our cultural context, and numerous other factors. Generally speaking, the values of our surrounding environment are not the ones that best reflect the values of God’s kingdom. Jesus calls us to order our lives around values that are the reverse of so many cultural values. We’ll call them the WUD principles – World Upside Down. [Steve Tulloch speaking]

The Kingdom of Heaven

Before any of us get too far along this journey of following Jesus together, it’s important that we develop an accurate understanding of what it is we’re supposed to be doing. Jesus came on the scene like a great light shining in a land of deep darkness, and the announcement he made as he went from town to town continues to be significantly good news. [Brandon Malo speaking]

How to Leave a Church

Say what? That’s right, we’re going to talk about how to leave a church – Elevation, for example. Of course, we’ll also talk about how to stick around, but too many people end up walking away from a church for the wrong reasons, or doing so in unhealthy ways, which makes an honest conversation like this one all the more important. [Brandon Malo speaking]