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In the Lap of Luxury

Most of us will never experience a life of material extravagance, but while excess can make us cringe at times, there’s still something about it that attracts us. What is it? Could it be that luxurious living begins to meet a deeper human need, but one that even great wealth cannot satisfy? [Brandon Malo speaking]

A Win-Win Situation

It can seem like the only way for us to succeed in life is at the expense of others: if we want to be well off, then someone else will have to go without. But what if we make it a priority to take care of others first? What kind of impact might that have on our lives? [Brandon Malo speaking]

The Joy of Being Found

Despite the best intentions of our Creator, there’s something in us that provokes us to wander. The good news for all of us, though, is that God is in the habit of seeking out what he has lost. And when he finds it (when he finds us), some serious celebration is in order! [Brandon Malo speaking]