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Handle with Care

Anyone who’s cared for a lawn or a garden understands that in order for it to flourish, you need to provide plenty of care. You can’t just “let it go” and expect a work of beauty to burst forth from the ground. In a similar way, God has long taken care of his people, striving to create environments in which they can thrive. But too often our lives don’t reflect the effort he’s made. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Seeing From a Distance

In one sense, faith marks the very beginning of the spiritual life, and in another sense, it can only be gained after a lifetime of experiences. If we consider the long line of men and women who have held faith as their companion, we have good reason to believe that this gift can be ours as well. [Brandon Malo speaking]

The Pursuit of Happiness

The attraction to live in a way that is motivated by pursuit of pleasure and happiness has characterized people since the beginning of time. Many have found this pursuit frustrating and empty. Jesus, echoing the wisdom of various Old Testament teachers, notes the hollowness of selfish living, and invites us to a life that is motivated by God and His forgiving love to us. [Steve Tulloch speaking]