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The Right Way

Although words like holy, blameless, and righteous are often a part of church vocabulary, many of us are uncertain of their meaning and significance. Interestingly, our Scriptures don’t confine these words to sacred and ‘other-worldly’ theology, but use them to describe very practical values which affect our relationships, our finances, and other daily life choices. Let’s consider together how to faithfully live ‘the right way’. [Steve Tulloch speaking]


Who is My Neighbour?

Sharing a message of good news is one thing – living it out is another. If we want to follow the way of Jesus, we need to live in such a way that our spoken words about the kingdom are in line with the way we live amongst the people we interact with every day, as well as those we wouldn’t normally interact with at all. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Go! I am sending you

It’s easy to get the impression that things are going quite well for most of the people around us, and yet below the surface lies a deep need that every one of us has – a need for some good news. This is teh very message that Jesus sends us out to share with anyone who will for even one moment lend an ear.