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The Community of God

From before Creation through the present day, God is revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This internal relationship is further expressed as God intentionally creates a community of His people so that we might reflect His essence to the world around us. [Brandon Malo speaking]


Occupational Slavery

Most of us spend the largest chunk of our waking hours in some form of occupation, albeit paid employment, raising children, or as a student. While this work has the potential to bring life to both ourselves and to others, all too often it ends up enslaving us. And if it’s not the job itself, then it’s us, as we wed our identity to our occupation. What is it, then, that can set us free from all of this? [Brandon Malo speaking]

Open Hearts

If it’s true that God loves us, one question still remains – will we love Him? In the book of Acts, we encounter the young church in action and are reminded that there is a decision to be made, and that it’s not a decision we have to make on our own. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Everyone and Everything

It may be easy enough for us to imagine that God picks favourites – that His love stops short of ‘some’ people – but that’s not the picture we see as the New Testament church begins to grow. And it’s certainly not what Jesus meant when he told us to “love one another”. [Brandon Malo speaking]