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Palm Sunday

Knowing how the next week of Jesus’ life will unfold, the story of Palm Sunday, perhaps more than any other story in the progression of Lent, is a difficult one to swallow. Today, shouts of joy and acts of devotion, and tomorrow, a dusty road of betrayal and humiliation.

An Incredible Waste

At a dinner party given in honour of Jesus, a woman’s extravagant gift is called into question, posing a question that each one of us needs to answer: What are we willing to give? [Brandon Malo speaking]

Lent: Holding On and Letting Go – One More Chance

Every one of us has the ability to pass judgment and we use this ability whenever we can. But are we prepared to wait – and more than that, to work on behalf of the one we feel deserves judging, just as God works on our behalf? [Brandon Malo speaking]