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Enemies of the Cross

When it came to distracting Jesus from his mission, he responded with passion and a renewed commitment to carry on, reminding us that holding on to the things of God won’t always be encouraged by the people around us. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Lent: Holding On and Letting Go – A Tempting Offer

There are many things that we could have in life, if we are only willing to pay the right price. But what criteria should we use to make these choices? How do we know when to ‘hold on’ and when to ‘let go’? [Brandon Malo speaking]

All That You Can’t Leave Behind

There may be some ambiguity about what it means to be a Christian, but one thing that ought to be clear to us is that it means something. When Jesus began to gather his inner-circle, there were certain things they would have to leave behind for the sake of what he was calling them to. [Brandon Malo speaking]