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How to Lose a Crowd

He was doing so well. Jesus had captivated the crowd’s imagination and amazed them with his eloquence, but then he crossed a fine line. Sometimes the words we speak will inspire – and sometimes they will infuriate. But we still have to get up and speak. [Brandon Malo speaking]


Words that Bring Tears to Your Eyes

In the room next to me, there are boxes filled with Bibles, available for free to whoever wants one. But what if scripture wasn’t so commonplace? What would it be like to hear its sacred words for the first time in a long time? [Brandon Malo speaking]

When the Wedding Runs Dry

The first miracle that Jesus performed came just in time. He took an embarrassing situation and turned it into a joyous celebration – precisely the kind of thing that the Kingdom of God is all about. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Living Below the Surface

Jesus’ baptism launched a new season in his life where everything he did was immersed in God’s purposes for the world. We are invited to pass through these same waters, receive the same Holy Spirit, and join Christ in building the same Kingdom. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Dance with the One Who Brung Ya

A glance at human history, and our own individual lives reveals an often unexplainable mix of good and painful experience. Of course, this frequently raises questions of ‘why me, why now’? However, the testimony of Scripture and history’s finest, is that God is an inexhaustible source of goodness and generosity. This reality gives us reason for humble appreciation, inextinguishable hope, and unending loyalty to Him.