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A Life Set Apart

The birth of Jesus, which we celebrate as Christmas, was just the start of a life that would be spent seeking and doing His Father’s will. Is this where our lives are going? Have we set ourselves apart for His purposes? [Brandon Malo speaking]


Advent 2009, Week 4: Born in a Stable

Inconsequential, or at the very least, anti-climactic: a child born in an animal’s shelter. It’s here we find ‘the hopes and fears of all the years’ wrapped in cloths, begging for a drink, all the while finally quenching the thirst of humanity. [Steve Tulloch speaking]

Advent 2009, Week 3: Here is a News Break

Sometimes the things we long for turn out to be quite different once we actually receive them. When the crowd gathered around to hear John’s message, it certainly wasn’t what they expected, but it was newsworthy nonetheless. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Advent 2009, Week 2: Just Like a Snow Plow

When the snow piles up outside and you have somewhere important to go, a snow plow is a welcome sight. In similar fashion, after a long time spent waiting for help, God’s people finally began to hear rumblings of change and hope. [Brandon Malo speaking]