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Wrestling with God: Stillness – Psalm 46

Some people, regardless of their circumstances, are able to demonstrate an unwavering confidence and trust in God. This deep faith in troubled times can be a great encouragement to others who are struggling. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Wrestling with God: Brokenness – Psalm 51

What if our own actions have led to the problems we’re facing? Perhaps our response should be repentance and a commitment to change the way we’re living. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Wrestling with God: Remembrance – Psalm 77

The author of this poetic prayer lays out his approach to despair and discouragement, which is to remember the faithfulness of the Lord through what He has done for His people in the past. [Brandon Malo speaking]

Wrestling with God: Petition – Psalm 88

In one of the darker of the biblical psalms, we are reminded of times when our own despair has caused us to blame God, feeling like we’re all alone and surrounded by darkness. [Steve Tulloch speaking]